Atuh Beach is located in a beautiful bay which has white sands. On the left side is Tanjung Juntil and on the right side is Labuan Ampuak. At the east, there is Gili Batu Melawang, Gili Batu Padasan, Gili Batu Abah dan Gili Batu Metegen. At the east tip of Tanjung Juntil and Gili Padasan there is a famous spot for fishing and it has many kind of fish with various size. There are a lot of people come for fishing after full moon (purnama) day and after half-moon (tilem) day. Those days are the best day for fishing. on the south of Labuhan Ampuak, there is a cave which is a place for swallow bird. As we know swallow bird is rarely to find and really expensive.

On atuh valley, the land is very prosperous. Also, there is atuh temple, a temple to revere Dewa Baruna as a lord of the ocean. The ceremony usually held on Sasih Kedasa (tenth mount) in Balinese Date. All of the local people come to celebrate the ceremony and pray. The ceremony is held in the whole day, it also performed traditional dance like baris dance. In the other hand, there are two holy wells. The wells have crystal clear water. There are two ways to reach Atuh Beach, first, we can go from Banjar Pelilit (20 km from Boot Buyut Harbor) and we have to walk for about 2 km. Second, we can go to Atuh beach from Banjar Kelodan (17 Km from Buyuk) and continued by walking about 5km.