Different from Crystal Bay, Gamat Beach is still relatively desolate. The access is not as easy as the access to Crystal Bay. Visitors must down the hill before seeing this beach. Then this beach can also be classified as a private beach. Gamat Beach is also a beach located on the west of Sakti Village.

Crystal Bay and Gamat Beach is actually still in a cluster. However, due to separate by a ravine, the beach is completely unrelated and separate. Almost same as Crystal Bay, the activity that can be done here is also not far from snorkeling. In fact, based on some people, there are more numerous spots of snorkeling in Gamat Beach than Crystal Bay. Moreover, they are more beautiful than the spots in Crystal Bay.

If you visit it in the morning, the sea is usually high tide, so the beach is immediately covered. Even we cannot go down to the beach at all. Traveling in the evening is suggested in order to feel the sensation and the enjoyable of playing water in Gamat Beach.