One of many famous big water spring in Nusa Penida is Guyangan Water Spring. Guyangan Water Spring located in west side of the island, precisely in Banjar Guyangan, Batu Kandik Village. Discharge of the water is large, the average about 120 liters per second. Guyangan Water Spring becomes water resource for all the local people. Moreover, Guyangan water spring is a great destination which is challenging our adrenalin and becomes spiritual destination. When we arrive in cliff edge, there are wonderful view like high cliffs form headland and small bays with several smalls island make wonderful panoramas with a stretch of Hindian Ocean blue. This spot located in front of the Manta Point, it also becomes the best spot to snorkeling and diving to meet manta rays.
The large gate that stands on the cliff becomes the entrance to reach the water spring. If we want to go down the cliff, we need extra stamina and it’s not recommended for the visitors who has fear of heights or phobia. There are many visitors when they looking down to the cliff, feels so frightened and won’t to go down. The location is very challenging, it’s about more than 200 meters down of the steep cliff with the tilt about 85 degrees. Even, there are some route almost vertical.
The bang waves that attacks the side of cliff make a challenge to ourselves. The part of bottom stairs after the twist becomes the toughest challenge. The position of the visitors really hung above the sea, only one side of the stairs clinging to the cliff. It’s little bit strain and need more struggle to find the cliff bottom but when we arrive to the bottom, all of our struggles and challenges it’s pay by the wonderful view. The beautiful landscape such as natural cliffs, water spring and stretch of the blue sea become exotics blend. The sounds of water flow and waves become a nature harmony make the visitors feel relax and very peaceful. The visitors also can relax and get shower but it’s not recommended swimming to the pond.