Nusa Penida has many temples for Hindu religious ritual. In Dusun Karang Dawa Nusa Penida, there is a unique and different temple. Pura Paluang Nusa Penida is often called the Car Temple. In a glance, the temple that is on the high seas look similar to other temples in Nusa Penida, Bali. But if you see more clearly, this temple has the unique distinction with other temples that is from 13 shrines in Paluang Temple there are two shrines resembles VW Beatle and Jimmy Car. Paluang Temple who has a car-shaped shrine is the only one in the world and this is the main attraction for tourists and people visiting this Car Temple.

Jimmy car is a shrine of Ratu Gede Sakti Hyang Mami. In the shrine of Jimmy Car, there are two statues of male and female which is believed by local residents as a manifestation of God that is Ida Ida Ratu Gede Ngurah Bhatara and Hyang Mami. While the VW Beatle car is a car of His followers or His children.

In Paluang Temple, this VW Beatle car is gold on the hood and fawn on the body. The tires are also similar paintet. There are three holes box in driver’s part that is the front window, and the two entrances. This car number plate is KD 013. While Jimmy car is red. There are two holes door, which is on the right and left, in it there is a statue as a symbol of the driver. The windshield is covered, but on both sides, there are two green gold dragons. The car license plate is DK 28 703 GL.

VW car plate KD 013 that has meaning Karang Dawa and the shrine restoration year on 01-01-2013. And the license plate of Jimmy Car is DK 28 703 GL. DK is a license plate for the province of Bali, 28-7-2003 is a restoration date and GL means Gunung (Mountain) and Lebah (Bees; ravine).