In Nusa Penida not only famous with beautiful beaches, it also has beautiful waterfall. It is Seganing Waterfall, Nusa Penida. The location of Seganing Waterfall is on the seaside. Even though, the waterfall is not too popular among the tourist but the beautiful view of this waterfall will make you amazed. Seganing Waterfall also called Sebuluh Waterfall by the local people. The interesting things in this place are natural view with beautiful water flow that falls directly into the sea with natural decorative rocks brownish yellow.

Another interesting thing in this waterfall is the trip to go down to reach the waterfall, it is really challenging but after we arrive in waterfall, we’ll enjoy the sea with beautiful waterfall. While we are enjoying the waterfall, we can get soak in clean water flows as long as we want. In the past, Seganing waterfall became the main water spring but currently, this waterfall only used as fishing area and place to take water for religious ceremonies.