Segara Kidul Temple located in Guyangan Water Spring, Antapan Hamlet, Batukandik Village, Nusa Penida, at this current moment Segara Kidul is not widely known like another tourist attraction in Nusa Penida. Whereas this temple has related with Asta Gangga Story in Nusa Penida history. Temple location in south of Nusa Penida has a statue Nyi Roro Kidul with green shades and local people believes Nyi Roro Kidul is the queen of the southern coast. Moreover, this temple also has pure water or called tirta and it believed cleanse our past karma to make our next life better.

Water spring in Nusa Penida becomes life resource because it used as tirta and it believed can give peaceful to all of people and the nature. In Guyangan Water Spring there is tirta pangurip which included as one of tirta Asta Gangga in Nusa Penida. Another water spring located in Prasi (Toyapakeh) as tirta sanjiwani, tirta kamandalu (in Penida, Crytalbay, Sakti village), tirta pawitra (in temeling, Batumadeg Village), tirta maha pawitra (in Tabuanan, Sekartaji Village), tirta pralina (in Suwehan, Watas, Tanglad Village), tirta pasupati (in Sekartaji Village) and tirta pangurip (in Peguyangan, Antapan Hamlet, Batukandik Village).

In Segara Kidul temple there are three another statue as representatives of 3 God in Hindu, it called Tri Murti (Visnu, Brahma and Shiva). Visnu Statue has tirta as a cleaner past karma, Brahma Statue has tirta as the creator of past karma and in the middle, there is a Shiva Statue has eternity tirta, Shiva statue accompanied by Queen of compassion and wisdom (Roro Kidul).