Temeling Water Spring is one of new destinations in Nusa Penida, Bali. Temeling Water Spring becomes a new destination and we must visit this destination when we visit Nusa Penida. It’s located in the middle of forest. To go there, we spend time about 60 minutes by walking to reach the center of Temeling Water Spring. Local people also called Temeling Water Spring as Tembeling Water Spring or Natural Swimming Tembeling. Trip by walking from carpark to Temeling Water Spring will give new experience to people who rarely do traveling.

The location of Temeling Water Spring is not too far away from the sea. So, the landscape looks like in Nusa Penida Beach. We can also find beautiful pond with the diameter about 5-6 meters. Because of the location in the middle of forest and surrounding by high cliffs, it makes Temeling Water Spring looks very exotic. Temeling Water Spring is included as conservation area and the environment is still natural. Temeling Water Spring becomes a religion place for taking water or tirta. It also becomes source for drinking water by the animal around the forest.