Toya Pakeh Beach becomes one of interesting destination in Nusa Penida Island because this place has a great potential for marine tourism. The Beach has beautiful sand white, with ecosystem and natural marine life. Toya Pakeh Beach becomes favorite place to explore underwater comfortably such as snorkeling or diving, all of the activities are really suitable to do here.

There are so many activities we can do in Toya Pakeh Beach like relaxing on the seaside while we enjoy the beautiful white sand, see the activities of seaweed farmers or the fisherman and of course the main destination are snorkeling and diving. The clear water with various coral reefs, wonderful view of the garden corals and in 10-15 meters below, we can find big pillar of coral rocks it looks like a beautiful underwater city. In more depth location we can see sunfish, lionfish, sharks, turtle and many more.